Über mich

Sebastian Heinz, born in 1986, is a composer and musician from Saarlouis, Germany. At the age of 13, he composed his first songs and started studying the piano.

The following 5 years, he gained his first experiences on stage, playing several concerts in south west Germany. Starting off with Hip Hop and Rap music, he discovered his passion for orchestral music and music production itself.

He built his first home studio at the age of 15. After his A Grades and civilian service, he decided to study business and began his pilot training. As soon as he finished the training, he started his own business as a composer and producer.

Starting off with scoring corporate films, he also worked for broadcasting stations and as a producer for bands and artists. By working with synthesizers a lot, he got into sound design and created soundlogos for several companies. His compositions reach from big, orchestral arrangements to beat driven electronic songs and atmospheric, ambient music.

His primary goal is to challenge himself musically everyday, composing cross genre without any stylistic boundaries. Besides his work as a composer, he´s a keyboarder in two bands and he also works on a dubstep/electronic release planned for 2016.