NICE Award 2019

Der NICE Award wird vom European Centre of Creative Economy (ecce) ausgelobt und setzt sich für eine Internationoalisierung ein, um transformative Innovationen zu fördern. Die Bewerbungsfrist für den NICE AWARD 2019 läuft bis zum 30. September.

NICE Award 2019

Internationalisation for a Better World – A Call for Transformative Innovations

Internationalisation today does affect all sectors of our everyday life – today and in the future especially in its inevitable connection to digitisation. It offers new opportunities and empowerment to cities and citizens alike as much as it creates new challenges to tackle and skills to learn. Innovations and inventions from the cultural and creative sectors have been at the fore front of internationalisation – traditionally music, film or literature and now lately immersive virtual reality, 3D printing or design. In 2017, the European Commission started the Cultural Diplomacy Platform : cultural and creative institutions and entrepreneurs are now recognized as a vital part even of international relations.

Submissions are accepted until 30 September 2018 (midnight)

Prof. Dieter Gorny, Director of the european centre for creative economy (ecce) is convinced: We need innovations in international solutions to better address the major challenges of our world today, such as climate change, green economy, mobility, energy, migration or food production, and to make a transformative impact for a better world. It is high time that globalisation improves in solving the major problems of all our citizens and that the benefits and added value of such international solutions contribute equally to the well-being of all citizens in cities, regions and nations. Internationalisation must work for everybody – and it must be innovated to do so.

We believe that the stakeholders from the cultural and creative sectors – if entrepreneurs and companies, public institutions, other professionals as well as researchers – are essential actors in shaping a better society. Thus, the NICE Award 2019 invites individuals, teams and organisations from the cultural and creative sectors to propose surprising and experimental solutions for shaping an international society to improve our world.

PDF of the NICE Call 2019


Mehr Informationen zur Bewerbung sowie zu Fristen und Voraussetzungen findet ihr nach dem Klick.


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